Mediation Mastery

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January 30, 2015

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I was all set to write about climate change and, more particularly, to reflect on some excellent writing on that subject which addresses so-called climate change sceptics or deniers. It seems to me that there is much to be learned about the motivations and psychology which affect such people and which can easily be read across to help us understand the resistance that is still so prevalent to mediation.

However, I can keep that blog for next time as the best thing I can do now is to commend a truly excellent new book entitled How to Master Commercial Mediation, authored by David Richbell, one of the real father figures of mediation in Europe, together with 85 other contributors. I confess that I am one of those contributors and that David is one of my mentors and a close friend. However, I received the book today and opened it for the first time. Put simply, it is a masterpiece.

The title is deceptive. The book covers every topic imaginable, in a lucid and charming way, in three sections: Moulding, Maturing, Mastery. In section 1, you can learn about the core skills and much more; in section 2, psychology, relationships, risk, ethics and much more; in section 3, one chapter is headed: “Trust, Truth, Love and Forgiveness (or rather Greed, Lies, Hatred and Revenge)”. This gives a sense of the book’s scope. That chapter delivers….and there is much more.

Many of us owe David Richbell a lot. With this magnificent legacy (though he is adamant that he is resisting retirement), many more of us will owe him a great deal more.