I have in previous entries (July 2012, July 2013 and November 2015) written about a peer mediation initiative called the Peacemakers’ Conference. The purpose of the Peacemakers’ Conference is to teach 13-16 year olds how to resolve conflicts amicably in a workshop cum competition format. This year’s Peacemakers’ Conference was held from 22 to 24 June 2016.

In Peacemakers’ 2015, we had asked students from different schools to work together to create a visual metaphor for mediation. What the students came up with so impressed the training team (readers can see their visual metaphors here) that we have decided to make this a regular feature of the Peacemakers’ Conference.

This year, the students came up with 6 visual metaphors which I would like to share with readers in this entry. Most of the visual metaphors are self-explanatory and I will not add further commentary unless helpful.

1. Mediation is like a Complicated Christmas Tree (with wifi!)

Mediation is like a Complicated Christmas Tree

The students saw Mediation as a Christmas tree. The knotted roots represent the dispute or the problem parties experience. The wifi signal is the mediator which seeks to connect the two parties and the ornaments represent the memories and perceptions that parties will have to traverse before reaching the star at the top.

2. Mediation is like Opening a Durian and Mediation is like a Durian

The next 2 revolve around the same theme and will require a bit of explanation for readers who are not familiar with a fruit called the Durian. The Durian is a tropical fruit which in Singapore is referred to as the King of Fruits. It is about the size of a rugby ball but covered in sharp spikes. The fruit is segmented with each seed encased in a fleshy pulp. For images and to read more about the Durian, readers can refer here.

What is unusual about the Durian is the polarizing effect it has. Some people consider the fragrance and taste of the Durian as heaven sent and others consider it worse than the sulfurous pits of hell.

This should provide sufficient background for the next 2 visual metaphors.

Mediation is like Opening a Durian

Mediation is like a Durian

3. Mediation is like Mining

Mediation is like Mining

4. Mediation is like a Diamond

Mediation is like a Diamond

5. Mediation is like a Kaleidoscope

Mediation is like a Kaleidoscope

I hope readers have enjoyed these visual metaphors and maybe even made some new connections! Until next time!


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