We would like to announce an opening for the position of Associate Editor for the Kluwer Mediation Blog (KMB).

The Associate Editor will report directly to the editors Bill Marsh and Nadja Alexander, and work closely with the Kluwer team. In addition, the Associate Editor will regularly liaise with some of the best mediators, mediation counsel and scholars in the field.

The essential duties of the Associate Editor include: (1) corresponding with, and coordinating the blog posts of, the permanent contributors, and informing the contributors of the KMB’s readership; (2) corresponding with guest contributors on submissions and questions; (3) collecting, distributing for review, editing and reviewing guest submissions; (4) uploading and scheduling guest posts; and (5) assisting the editorial team with strategic planning for the blog. The Associate Editor may also write blog posts for the KMB.

The Associate Editor will work remotely and the anticipated workload is approximately 5 hours per week. The Associate Editor should be a native or fluent English speaker and should be able to demonstrate extensive knowledge of the field of mediation (for example by being a PhD student/holder in the field). The position is unpaid.

If you are interested please submit a resume, writing sample, the names of two referees and cover letter by email to Vincent Verschoor at vincent.verschoor@wolterskluwer.com.


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