Last month I had the pleasure to participate in the Singapore Convention Week (SC Week 2022), at the invitation of the Singapore Minister of Justice and the UNCITRAL Academy. To them, my deepest gratitude for the invitation which made mevery honored and proud. Singapore was the 14th country I visited as a Speaker / Panelist and I must confess that I was impressed by the detailed planning, organization and beauty of the eventand the country alike. It was a very rich experience and highly recommended, if you have a chance to be part of.

Organized by the Singapore Ministry of Law (MinLaw), in collaboration with partner organizations, SC Week 2022 featured a week-long series of legal and dispute resolution-related events. It was a week full of emotion, diversity, networking, gatherings, meetings, learning and knowledge exchange. Simply amazing!

One of the highlights of the week was to meet again Anna JOUBIN-BRET, Secretary of UNCITRAL who, by the way, delivered a great inspirational speech to introduce the UNCITRAL Academy (partially shared here):

“Last year we explored the world in transition. We were in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic, but we could see already that the world around us was changing significantly and we would not be back to normal, but rather back to the new normal. We examined the latest trends in International Dispute Resolution and started addressing the impact of this transition into the new normal, will have on the dispute resolution as we known it for many years. We did not only identify the business challenges posed by these conditions, but we also recognized that many opportunities, technologies, can bring to adapt to the new challenge. And off course, we could highlight how suitable the flexibility inherent to international mediation is in times of crisis”.

As for myself, I had had the opportunity to participate in a panel within the UNCITRAL Academy program called Panel Discussion: Mediation, Adjudication and Arbitration in Specialized Fields. The Panel was focused on practical aspects related to the use of alternative dispute resolution in the international environment, with emphasis on disputes involving shareholders issues, bankruptcy, high technology and infrastructure.

Among several relevant topics discussed, the one related to the benefits of using of co-mediation in cross border mediation, brought by Yoshiriro Takatori, certainly caught a lot of attention. On my next post I will share the most relevant aspects brilliantly raised by Yoshiriro Takatori.

To learn more about the event and have access to some of the work presented, I strongly recommend visiting the event’s official website:

Finally, I hope to be there again next year!


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